They have one goal. To play old school thrash metal the way it once was and the way it should be.



Tantara reviews:

9/10 - Metal Temple:"In conclusion I can say that TANTARA has released a great debut album and that I can look at the future of Heavy Metal and see that it lies in good hands.

85/100 : ”Any fan of 80's Bay Area thrash done right needs to invest some time in listening to Tantara and "Based On Evil" because it's a fun journey full of twists and turns that will leave the listener foaming at the mouth for more” 

5/6 - Aftenbladet: " Herlig skittent lydbilde og bare tøffe riff."

  Tantara from Tønsberg, Norway saw the light of day in 2009 when drummer Stian Sannerud and guitarist Fredrik Bjerkø decided to turn their project “talent show” into a real band. The two friends then recruited Per Semb (guitar), whom they had played with before, and the very talented Max Warnby (bass).

“Based On Evil” is filled with fast, mind-boggling riffs, aggressive vocals and impeccable drumming. In addition to the melodic and masterly conducted solos one can find progressive elements in Tantara’s music. Their songs might be longer than normal in the genre, but they possess a unique song-writing talent that keep the listener engaged throughout the whole album. Tantara draws inspiration from bands such as Heathen, Anthrax, Exodus, Megadeth, Slayer, Nuclear Assault, Vio-lence and Metallica. With “Based On Evil” Tantara proves that there’s still a lot more to explore in the genre.Bassist Max Warnby also made the cover art for the album. 

The debut album is a concept album with critical lyrics that can be linked to the present and the past. The lyrics are about how the world works, how it’s governed and about how the human kind behaves. They touch upon themes like war, financial gain, destruction and pollution, while there’s still room for the listener’s own interpretation.

It is an impressive debut from a young and self-sustaining band. 

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