When their debut “Arrows” came out in 2005 it was by many described as “The best Norwegian metal debut of all times”.

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From Dusk Till Doom reviews: 

5/6 - Dagbladet

5/6  Panorama

5/6 - VG

5/6 - Adressa

9/10 - Musikknyheter 

Stonegard spent their first years in Scandinavia touring heavily and opening for mastodons like Black Sabbath, Korn, Slipknot, Motorhead and SOAD. “It’s an undisputed honour!” is the answer when confronting guitarist Ronny Flissundet with this nice line-up of support slots. “I guess we stir up a crowd for them” he says, well aware of that it is now the hard work really begins, breaking into new territories.  “Arrows” became a success selling more than 7000 copies in Scandinavia alone. “From Dusk Till Doom” has so far reached 5000 in Scandinavia and for the European release they have upgraded the album with a new mix, re-recorded guitars and bass and brought in no other than Ted Jensen (Slipknot/machine Head) for the mastering. Produced and recorded by Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames/Meshuggah), Mixed by Stamos Koliousis/Vangelis Labrakis (Mencea/Superpsychics) their new record sounds nothing but outstanding. Nine killer, unique and diverse songs – no fillers, no bullshit. The music goes darker, faster and harder yet still keeps the melodic trademark vocals and the constant focus on a good melody. Stonegard shows ice cold precision with their song writing. Combining the progressiveness of TOOL with the brutal up-tempo thrash of bands like The Haunted and Slayer, all wrapped in a fat, warm sound. The band has also taken use of their strong vocal resources, and all band members contribute with their singing (and screaming) on this album. 

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