IF you THOUGHT THAT Ribozyme couldn’t reinvent themselves a sixth time: “Argute” - A 35-minute controlled detonation breaching new ground for the Norwegian hard rock veterans.
OUT ON Feb 8, 2019!

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"To thine own self be true", Shakespeare wrote, and since the late 90s Norwegian visionary rock outfit Ribozyme has taken this to heart, even so with their latest brainchild. The aptly named "Argute" is a shrewd take on contemporary hard rock, bringing their signature vocals and harmonies in line with the times- four years after the release of the critically acclaimed "Grinding Tune". This metamorphosis is emphasized by the addition of guitarist Thomas Lønnheim to the group, adding an extra dimension to the creative sphere of Kjartan Ericsson, Cato Olaisen and Lord Baard.

Ribozyme has always thrived on change and evolution, and "Argute" marks a departure from the more outdrawn and atmospheric segments of their songwriting in favour of a more direct approach. Mixed by Dag Erik Nygaard (recently credited with mixing Blood Command, Ondt Blod etc), this release brings their trademark lyrics to the forefront – abstract fragments of situations and emotions rather than full stories, ranging from rage to hope, that translates seamlessly into their ferociously energetic live shows.

As always, the album is recorded at their own facilities, lending it the authenticity fans have learned to appreciate from their previous releases. The inhouse production from Lord Baard fleshing out the songs with a more massive sound befits the band itself – while still deadly serious they have a more playful tone to their endgame.

"Argute" is the logical sum of a band who has spent nearly two decades redefining themselves while remaining unequivocally unique. This is Ribozyme at their most audacious, and it is likely to become their most approachable release to date.

“Grinding Tune” (2015) reviews:

6/6 - :"We can conclude by stating that this is a fantastic album from your very first listen, and that it will grow on you and only get better from that moment on" 

 6/6 -  Scream Magazine :"What, seriously can one not manipulate the dice into rolling a seven!"

4,5/5 & album of the month -  Metal Obs' Magazine :"Unstoppable!"  

Metal Hammer UK: “Ribozyme have gently catalysed their own sound over four albums from grungy Tool worshippers to a proggier Incubus.”

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