Coming from the misty mountains of the extreme south of Brazil, PATRIA is one of the most imminent Black Metal bands in South America today. 


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inferno festival 2015

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90/100 - Diaboli Vocem

Forged in 2008 by the multi-instrumentalist Mantus and the vocalist Triumphsword, both veteran musicians from the local Black Metal bands Mysteriis and Thorns of Evil.

Musically they track under the tenuous line between necro Black Metal and experimental avant-garde music in an epic journey mixing the South American metal madness with the classic and dark Scandinavian vein. Drawing influences from many different types of music but keeping the harsh feeling shape of the Black Metal core. Twisted, dirty & melodic in its own way.

 Lyrically PATRIA explores the beauty and power of nature and the universe in themes as misanthropy, death and grief, still allied with a strong anti-religion awareness.

 The new album “Individualism” was recorded between October/December 2013, brings the special guest Fabiano Penna featuring with the orchestrated tracks “Individualism” and “Requiem For The Ego” as also the great Costin Chioreanu in charge of the artwork, who previously worked for bands like Darkthrone, Ulver, Absu, Mayhem and Arcturus among others.

To play at the Indie Recordings Label Night at this years Inferno Metal Festival!

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