We’re proud to release the debut album “Reclaim The Darkness” –
a melodic black-metal masterpiece, created by the Australian majestic trio, KING!

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Within “Reclaim The Darkness”, KING creates the perfect soundtrack to tell tales of an old world, a world forged by the gods and walked by giants. Tales of dark and bleak battles, never-ending winters and the wonders of time and space. “Reclaim The Darkness” will take you on a journey of profound melancholic black metal paths; epic while remaining raw, majestic while retaining a primitive atmosphere.


"We are excited the time has come and “Reclaim The Darkness” will see the cold light of day. After the first glimpses of KING's music over the past months, we're now eager for the album to be heard as a whole. The journey has been begun"." - KING



KING is:

Tony Forde – Vocals
David Hill – Guitar
David Haley – Drums


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