Heavysoulrockers Vöödöö are out with their new single and title track "Ashes", off their upcoming debut album, due Sep 14! With howling guitar intro, blood pumping drums, romantic harmonies and emotional vocals, the band introduces a song about the final closure after a life’s long lasting grief!


The band has commented: “Sometimes we need to let something burn until it turns to Ash. Because it's only then its light enough to be blown away. "Ashes" is the title track of our upcoming album. The song touches on the topic of freedom from grief that's had a hold of you for some time. We all experience grief at some point in our life, and grief is a process with a beginning and an end. "Ashes" talks about the end of grief. The realization that "I'm done with grief, and it's time to move on", “Free me”. Free these hands they've burned far too long now" Is a piece of lyric from the chorus of the song that we feel reflects on this topic. We are using the
metaphor of your burdens being something that burns, and that sometimes you need to let them burn to process them, and in the end they turn to Ash so you can just blow them away. We hope you enjoy the song.”

Artwork by Lasse Scherven

Artwork by Lasse Scherven

The unique sound of Vöödöö comes from the bands wide span in musical background an approach. Guitarist Sveinung Bukve is a gear-freak with a vast selection of pedals, sometimes combined to create overwhelming huge effects more similar to an organ or a spacecraft than an actual guitar, sometimes more controlled to cut through the mix with in-your-face riffs.

The rhythm section is all about hard beats and hard bass fingering, though dynamic, it is about making you feel the beat, not only in your eardrums but through the torso and into the home of your soul. Last but definitely not least Vöödöö will charm you all the way with the high-pitched mind-baffling vocals of the theatrical Gøran. 

Their soundscape is reminiscent of SPAN, mixed together with the early Queens of the Stone Age, topped off with vocals that compares to Muse and Mars Volta.

Band members:
Giuliano Antonio LoMonaco
: Drums
Stian Brungot: Bass guitar
Gøran Stavang Skage: Vocals  
Sveinung Fossan Bukve: Guitar