Fight The Fight has an amazing news to share! Indie Recordings teamed up with Blacklight Media and Metal Blade Records for Fight The Fight's North American release early 2018!

Chris Santos (Blacklight Media) comments:
"If ever there was a band that hooked me on the first listen, it was Fight The Fight!
Fight the Fight seamlessly weave together classic old school riffing with cutting edge grooves and have a knack for making every single song they write not just heavy, but catchy as fuck! To top it off, these guys are natural born total rock stars. The sky is the limit for Fight the Fight and I'm so stoked to take the ride with them!"

Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records) adds:
"Once again my buddy Chris Santos has found an amazing band! We are super excited to have Blacklight Media working with Fight The Fight! Check them out!!"

Erlend Gjerde (Indie Recordings) comments:
"We're very excited to partner with the great team at Blacklight Media and Metal Blade for Fight The Fight in North America. Their enthusiasm and dedication to working with us on the band made our decision very easy - let's do this!"

Fight The Fight comments: 
"We are super proud to announce our signing with Metalblade Records and Blacklight Media for the North American release. 
To be on the roster among all of these great bands and this legendary label is fucking awesome! US get ready to step in to the fight."

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