The powerful foursome Adimiron drops their new single "Zona Del Silencio" today!
It's been complemented by an extraordinary animated video, created by the artist Monika Pavlovičová - check it out!

Alessandro Castelli from Adimiron comments on the single:
"This time we want to start from the very end. For the previous single we chose 'The Sentinel', the opening track, as a way to introduce listeners in the mood of 'Et Liber Eris' and now we'll continue to do so by presenting the closing song of the album. In terms of inspiration, though not deliberately, we found a natural continuation of the trip started in our previous album with 'Ayahuasca', a metaphor for the world and life. On the global isolation in which we find ourselves as human beings, a stifling little box. Fully fascinated by the esoteric concept associated with this location - magic and sinister - we started from a circular bass pattern and followed the flow until we got close to our usual standards, the ideal closure for Et Liber Eris.Friends, we are delighted to share with you all 'Zona del Silencio"

ADIMIRON - "Zona Del Silencio"

ADIMIRON - “Et Liber Eris” will be out on Nov 3rd.
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