The day has come! 22 are finally out with their new album "YOU ARE CREATING:LIMB1"!  




“22 lives up to the great expectations of this highly anticipated album!" – 5/6, Fædrelandsvennen

"The whole album inhibits a spine, timbral richness, inspired arrangements and melodies... the material's spontane effectiveness gives grounds for even more ovation." - 4,5/6 Norway Rock


“YOU ARE CREATING:LIMB1” is an assertion made by 22 that the listener is the one creating the music they are hearing. Pitch and rhythm in different arrangements (songs) are just tools provided by the artist, which the listener utilizes and thus creates the experience of music.
22 suggests that music is not created by some, and then consummated by others: artist and experiencer meet halfway, and are co-dependent in creating what we call music.
Every song on “YOU ARE CREATING” is made with the above-mentioned mechanism as an all-permeating creative principle.