"And then you hear a sound"... Energetic & eclectic 22 just released their second single titled "INSPEC", from the upcoming album "YOU ARE CREATING:LIMB1". Check it out via:





“The song INSPEC is inspired by the research on out of body experiences done by Robert Monroe in the 60’s through to his death in 1995. The protagonist of the song meets a version of himself (INSPEC) that comes from the future, or rather “all-time”. He of course has a lot of questions to ask this “complete” version of himself, but finds himself perplexed, and the entity (INSPEC) ends up doing most of the talking, more than happy to rant on.
In the end, we shift to the INSPEC’s perspective, and find that the INSPEC has as many questions as the main character has.”
– 22


22 - YOU ARE CREATING:LIMB1 out on March 24!

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