ATENA's latest musical creation has arrived! 



'Possessed', Atena's third studio album, is written as a conceptual story and portrays a wide array of moods, emotions and experiences throughout its 35 minute runtime.  
With 'Possessed', Atena has continued to develop from 2015's 'Shades Of Black, Won't Bring Her Back', providing heavier riffs and new sounds as well as catchier choruses with intimate performances. 
These boys are young, hungry and ready to take heavy music one step further with this album!


"The album is finally out! Thank you so much for taking your time to check it out! Love you all to the moon and back❤️." - ATENA


ATENA - 'Possessed' OUT NOW!

Critics about 'Possessed':

"Atena have got it absolutely nailed and Possessed is another fantastic bit of work from this talented band."
9/10, Soundscape Magazine, UK

"Atena slams with a super-strong third album.”
5/6 Scream Mag, NO

"... gloomy, brutal and uncompromising, framed by harmonic-aesthetics… recommended!”
13/15, Legacy, DE

"The band could not be resembled to any other band of the style and I say that in the best possible way." 
8/10, RTMB, MEX

"...this is how to set pure, raw feelings."
Hellfire, DE