Ex-Abbath musicians join forces on new Vredehammer single!

Valla, founder of the Norwegian extreme metal band Vredehammer and ex-Abbath session guitarist, has decided to bring his band back to the roots by once again making it a solo project (which was the original purpose of the band). The reasons are many, but the most important factor is simply Valla`s preference of working as a one man band.

To show the world that Vredehammer is still a band to be reckoned with while the next full length album is being written to perfection, Valla now releases the single "Suffocate All Light" featuring drummer Kevin Foley (also ex-Abbath, Decapitated, Sepultura, Sabaton) ...upon the world! 


Valla comments on "Suffocate All Light":
"They say music is all about emotions, so a while back I was thinking about trains, then I started thinking about what it would feel like being hit by one. Then I wrote "Suffocate All Light"