It's raw, it's ice-cold, it's heavy! 
SARKE are out with their fifth studio album 'Viige Urh' today!

SARKE - 'Viige Urh' 


Well known members of this band include Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone), Sarke(Khold, Tulus), Ander Hunstad (El Caco) and Steinar Gundersen (Satyricon).

About 'Viige Urh':

"This is the most impressive metal-record of 2017."
Toby Schaper, Radio Fritz, Stahlwerk, DE
“Slow Black Fvcking Metal at its best!”
10/10 Slam Magazine, DE
"Ice-cold, melodic and exquisite!"
 9/10 Musikknyheter, NO

“Viige Urh” is an excellent extreme metal album that brings a menacing metal storm right to your home. Summer’s definitely over.
8/10 Markus' Heavy Music Blog, DE

8,5, Aardschok Magazine

"Nocturno Culto and his merry men drive forth with the sort of devilish madness that defined the genre for years."
Two Guys Metal Reviews, USA
“…anothergreatsounding record from Sarke…”
8/10 – OccultBlack MetalZine
“Having the privilege to listen to this album before its official release date (October 13th), I personally am honored.”
The Sludge Lord, UK


"'Viige Urh' is on fire and it will be on fire for a long time. We feel we have taken SARKE up to a new level. With the songwriting, the sound and the heaviness of the album." - SARKE