The album "Dreamarcher" is set for release on Ocotber 7.

Stunning post-metal quartet Dreamarcher from the west-coast of Norway, takes you to an emotional journey with their second single. "Impending Doom" is a statement; a protest and a critique of today's rotten system.





Take a listen to "Impending Doom". Think about it. Express doubts. Criticize the system.


The whole "Dreamarcher" album reflects a certain emotional contrasts that some of the members were going through personally. So it’s a rollercoaster of feelings and textures ranging from anger, joy, fear and loneliness. As a backdrop we chose images that reminded us of how scary the world can be to a child. Innocence and vulnerability. The album is about contrast and you can hear it in the way of clear melodic vocals followed by harsh screaming, pounding guitars combined with delicate parts, quiet verses loud. 


"The lyrics for "Impending Doom" was written when my oldest brother got really sick, and had to lie isolated in our basement in total darkness for two years. The song is about the the Norwegian health care system not wanting to help the ones that need it the most, and that they actually rather wants to let people rot away so they can save some money instead of helping them so they can get back on their feet and contribute to society. It is also about my mother and youngest brother sacrificing their own health by working day and night for two years to care for him." - Ruben Aksnes, (bass, vocals)