Follow the links below to listen to the raw statement that is "Impending Doom"!


                                             LORDS OF METAL (NL)                                                      METAL ROOS (AU)

                                             CRANK IT UP (SWE)                                                           KAAOSZINE (FI)

                                             ANDFARI (IS)                                                                       KVLT MAGAZINE (PL) 

                                             FRIEDHOF MAGAZINE (SP)                                              ROCKING.GR (GR)




"The lyrics for Impending Doom was written when my oldest brother got really sick, and had to lie isolated in our basement in total darkness for two years. The song is about the the Norwegian health care system not wanting to help the ones that need it the most, and that they actually rather wants to let people rot away so they can save some money instead of helping them so they can get back on their feet and contribute to society. It is also about my mother and youngest brother sacrificing their own health by working day and night for two years to care for him." - Ruben Aksnes (bass, vocals)