Follow the links below to watch the awesome lyric video & listen to "Close Your Eyes"!


                               LORDS OF METAL (NL)                        KAAOSZINE (FI)                                

                                                                CRANK IT UP (SWE)                              ROCKING.GR (GR)                                                             

                     ANDFARI (IS)                                          ULTRAJE (PT)                        

                                                  FRIEDHOF MAGAZINE (SP)                                            


"Close Your Eyes" is about imagination, terror and vulnerability. Most people can relate to being told stories as a child that made you afraid of going to sleep and afraid of what could be lurking around in the dark. It is about hiding out in your dreams, burned out in a place you don't know and you don't want to be. - Dreamarcher

Dreamarcher - "Close Your Eyes"