Follow the links below to watch the video & to listen to the absolute barnburner that is "Night Sky Abyss"!


"Humans have always looked to the heavens for inspiration, answers and direction. Night Sky Abyss talks about a last surviving warrior contemplating human existence and his place in the universe, exhausted after a lifetime of war and endless battles. He turns his head towards the heavens, to the Night Sky Abyss, as mankind has always done and searches for answers, reflects on past and future times. 

These themes are fascinating and have been reoccurring concepts throughout human existence. They’re not pinpointed by a certain epoch of time, instead they have always been a part of the nature of humankind, transcending religion, race, empires, politics etc. 

We worked to create a particularly epic chorus for this song to recreate for the listener the sense of wonder and deep thought touched on by the lyrics."

- David Hill/Guitar