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The double A-sided single Agnus Dei/Mot i Brystet completes the “Enola” project with two songs that are closely related to the album sessions, but not really an integrated part of it.


" 'Agnus Dei' (Latin for “Lamb of God”) was first performed by us at the two sessions we did in 2008 at the then new norwegian Opera house. It builds on classic and ancient Requiem lyrics, as well as old operatic traditions and Andrew Loyd Webbers requiem "Pie Iesu”. It features Marius on lead vocals. As many will be aware of, Marius is not just a guitarist in Seigmen, he is also one of Norways leading opera tenors. Our take on Agnus Dei could first be heard on the DVD “Seigmen i Operaen”, a recording of the live performance, but it was not recorded in a studio until the Enola Sessions.

"Mot i Brystet" is an old norwegian standard tune from the turn of the previous century, and it is a staple in norwegian childrens song books. Our adapted version, or a small section of it,  was first used in a major TV commercial in 2012 for buttermilk! It was later expanded to a full song and recorded during the first of two Enola studio sessions. It can be found as a bonus track on the vinyl versions of 'Enola'." 
- Seigmen