The album "Mariner" is set for release on April 8.

With their mindmelting eighth epos, Cult Of Luna & Julie Christmas brings you to the outer rim of the ever expanding boundaries of the cosmos - where the rules of man is not applicable and the cold, dark nothing envelops the harsh realities of the universe. 


Here is the second taste of what´s to come. Lean back, and explore the realm above with the epic track titled "The Wreck Of S.S Needle".

For their eight effort, the post-metal pioneers join forces with the talented Julie Christmas from Brooklyn, whom bring an even larger depth to Cult Of Lunas sound. Her haunting voice has fronted vital bands such as Made Out of Babies and Battle of Mice, and is one of significance in the underground sludge and post-metal scene.  
Furthermore, she has released two solo albums and features on tracks by bands like Mouth of the Architect and String of Consciousness. Her prowess as a vocalist is powerfully on display on “Mariner”


Reviews of "Mariner":
4.5 of 5 - Metal Obs' Magazine
11 of 10 - Svbterranean
10 of 10 - Wicked Channel
8 of 10 - Close-Up Magazine
8 of 10 - Metal-norge.com
4.3 of 5 - The Sonic Sensory

"With cinematic soundscapes and an overwhelming vision, Mariner is an album that expands the sonic possibilities of both bands in order to create something far greater."
- Two Guys Metal Reviews