7 years have passed since the birth of Vredehammer, and this is celebrated by the release of their second full-length album ”Violator” - definitely their heaviest and most powerful release yet.

Vredehammer’s combination of aggressive guitars and Norse melodies has already rewarded the band with a loyal fanbase around the world, which grows bigger and stronger every day.



10 of 10 - Metal Temple
9 of 10 - Powermetal
9 of 10 - Soundscape Magazine
9 of 10 - Maximum Threshold
9 of 10 -
8 of 10 - Metal Injection
8 of 10 - Sweden Rock
8 of 10 - Occult Black Metal Zine
88 of 100 - Ragherrie
83 of 100 - Lords Of Metal
4.5 of 5 - Metal Rules
4 of 5 - Angry Metal Guy


"Vredehammer are a step beyond almost all of their peers in terms of songwriting, with a distinct aesthetic that has no problem borrowing from any metal subgenre it pleases in order to contribute to the album as a whole."
- Metal Injection

"Violator is already an obvious contender for one of this years best albums, it simply contains everything you'll want from a black metal album."

"...this is an excellent album that is a definite must-listen, especially for fans of Blackened Death Metal. It is exceptionally rare for me to award an album with a perfect score, but this stunning opus deserves no less."
- Metal Temple


The references may not be obvious in Vredehammers latest release but there is certainly an underlying vibe.

”With Violator I wanted to take a step back and focus on the feeling I used to get from listening to bands like Metallica, Pantera and Megadeth. This resulted in an album that isn`t really focused on speed and aggression, but rather groove and power. It will be interesting to see how such an album will be received these days, when a lot of the focus seems to be on speed for many of the extreme metal bands out there today.”  
- Valla (guitar, vocals)