Sarke’s fourth album, featuring the icy and grim screams from Darkthrone’s lead vocalist Nocturno Culto, is truly the grandest and most dynamic album from Sarke to this date. ‘Bogefod’ presents nine tracks that stretch from lingering atmospheric doom to thrash to black metal and technical metal - all within the realms of suberb quality.

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It is a highly conceptual album spinning around the evil walking dead Torolv Bogefod from the norse classic Eyrbyggja saga. After an ugly death Torolv breaks out of his tomb. Dead, yet undead, he terrorizes the villagers and causes deaths and devastations. This viking story is a 1000 years old.


Reviews on "Bogefod":

9 / 10 – Soundscape Magazine
8.5 / 10 –
8.5 / 10 – Ave Noctum
8 / 10 – Occult Black Metal Zine
8 / 10 – Dead Rethoric
4 / 5 – Rock N Reel Reviews
5 / 6 – Eternal Terror
80 / 100 - Ashladan
77 / 100 - Ragherrie


"...Bogefod is a fantastic release. Sarke have outdone themselves with this album."
- Soundscape Magazine

"Look behind you for the rotting Bogefod then go buy it!"
- Ave Noctum

 "...this latest saga in the Sarke anthology in one certain to stand the test of time."
- Rock N Reel Reviews


Several retrospective musical elements enhance the underlying story, as the warm sound of a 100-year-old guitar colors the otherwise icy and grim atmosphere of Nocturno Culto’s screams. 

Both Sarke as a band, and the story Bogefod’s lyrics presents will take part in a movie called SAGA, where Nocturno Culto has a leading role. 

“This album delves into the core of what Sarke is all about.” 
- Nocturno Culto (Sarke, Darkthrone)

“Since it’s a concept album it should be digested in its entirety. It will pay off.”
- Steinar Gundersen (Sarke, Satyricon)