The album "Violator" out March 18!


This cataclysmic bombardment goes by the eloquent title “Light The Fucking Sky” and is an absolute onslaught of sonic destruction. Raise a fist to the God of War and watch the world burn gloriously while you headbang frantically.

"This song easily goes into my top 5 list of homeruns when it comes to personal songwriting. This song fucking kicks ass! Hopefully one or two listeners will agree with me." - Valla (vocals/guitars)


"No matter what era of metal you align yourself with, this track is going to hit you like an overdose of Creatine.." - Metal Hammer UK


With their highly acclaimed debut album “Vinteroffer”Vredehammer instantly made themselves known as a force to be reckoned with in the Norwegian metal scene. One album in and the band was already nominated for “metal album of the year” through the Norwegian Grammys. They also toured Europe as direct support for the mighty Satyricon, as well as together with Keep of Kalessin and Vreid

”Vinteroffer was a good release, but our new album Violator takes our music to a whole new level when it comes to writing really powerful and well-composed songs. I feel confident that this album will be one to remember.”