We could not be more proud to finally persent you self-titled debut album by majestic post-metal quartetto Dreamarcher! After two years in creation, "Dreamarcher" is OUT! 

Stream/Download HERE!



"Brilliant!" - 100/100 - Hissig, NO

"More of Dreamarcher as soon as possible!" - 5/6 - Evig Lyttar, NO

"With their debut Dreamarcher delivered a brilliant start, you just want to here more and more of Dreamarcher"   9/10 - Time For Metal, DE

 "...quite fascinating!" - Intro Mag, DE


"The idea behind this album was to create something that had a broad spectrum of dynamics," the band tell us. "The lyrics reflects upon growing up in a small, industrial town on the west coast of Norway with feelings of abandonment and insecurity, and the music was inspired and shaped by the darkness of the decaying factories and the beauty and majesty of the mountains and glaciers around." - Dreamarcher


Dreamarcher - "Burning The Remains"