It took over 20 years of digging in the bile and muck of the underground for Kampfar to carve its name onto every black-metallers tongues. With the release of their latest epic “Profan”, the dark battalion have been nominated for the Norwegian Grammy in the metal category. We raise our glasses and hail the veterans for rising out of the underground with brute force!


The album received nothing praise from critics and fans alike:

14 of 15 – Legacy (Nr. 2 - Soundcheck)
10/10 – Time For Metal
Album Of The Month – Scream Magazine
10/10 -
95/100 - Lords Of Metal
87/100 - Ragherrie
8/10 - Metal Hammer UK
9/9 - RCN
85/100 - Metal Exposure
9/10 - Evil Rocks Hard
8/10 - KVLT
8/10 – Distorted Sounds Mag
8/10 - Musikknyheter
"A must have!" - Legacy

"When it comes right down to it, I can think of no better standard bearers for the true spirit of Norwegian Black Metal than these four mighty warriors…"
- No Clean Singing

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