Indie Recordings Label night to open Inferno Metal Festival 2016!

In collaboration with Inferno Metal Festival, the pencil pushers and keyboard smashers at Indie Recordings are very proud to announce the annual Indie Recordings label night at this year’s Inferno Metal festival, 2016!

The label night will take place on the first day of the festival, Wednesday, March 23rd, at John Dee as usual, and were starting off with the debut fresh powerhouse (Drum roll)

Vredehammer. 7 years have passed since the birth of Vredehammer, and this is celebrated by the release of their second full-length album just at the edge of Inferno - definitely their heaviest and most powerful release yet. Check out their latest single ‘Spawn Tyrant’ to get an idea of what’s to come. With their highly acclaimed debut album “Vinteroffer”, Vredehammer instantly made themselves known as a force to be reckoned with in the Norwegian metal scene. They also toured Europe as direct support for the mighty Satyricon, as well as together with Keep of Kalessin and Vreid.

Next up is
 Sahg, who’ve cast aside the bullshit to create the kind of record that could only come from the deepest respect for the architects of our world, but also from a cast-iron resolve to move beyond it to create something thrilling, compelling, and utterly new. Otherworldly, mystical, unflinchingly progressive, and unafraid to call upon the powers of doom, their last album ‘Delusions’... is nothing less than 48 minutes of impeccable musicianship and flawless delivery.

And lastly, El Caco. With a new album up their sleeve and a fiery mindset these veterans are sure to fill the halls with sonic explosions. Their latest album ‘7’, El Caco has whipped a creamy cream of both rock & roll, grunge, and stoner rock in a manner worthy of the El Caco’s only. As the band name states, they consistently steal from a good mix of the rock’s essential elements and molds them together to a conglomerate of hyper-sleazy riffs, cowbells (shovels actually), distorted bass and a voice with an outstanding animus. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this.

So join Indie Recordings and Inferno Metal Festival and get ready to open the gates to the halls of Beelzebub’s beast feast!


And here's a warm-up playlist for Inferno Festival 2016

Check out and listen in on
El Caco: