Black Metal vets Vreid are finally out with a new single, and brings it back to the roots on this one! Reflecting the harsh environment in which the members spent their upbringing, “Haust” (Eng.: Autumn) brings the cold, shivering melancholy of old-school black metal.
«The opening riff has been humming in my head for years. An autumn night in my cabin it all made sense, and Haust was born» -    Hváll (bass, songwriter)

The new single is out on all digital services and thorugh Metal Hammer (click the text for music):
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Metal Sucks on "Haust": "it has all of Vreid’s unique trademarks. While thrashy black metal at its core, it also showcases moments of weird warlike bombast, twanging Celtic esotericism, and classical angst. The result is compelling and infectious, and makes the listener wonder why so many black metal bands out there are playing the same Mayhem and Burzum worship over and over when they could be doing something like this. It’s easy to declare a genre dead; Vreid prove that there’s still room to be original within their own."

The new album "Sólverv" is set to release on October 9th, and you can already pre-order it HERE!

“Sólverv is not just another album, this is the definition of our lives and heritage. We share a bond since our childhood days, and the fire burns stronger than ever. We strive for the timeless, and through our music we lose track of time.” - Hváll
Vreid will hit the road in October on the "Indie Recordings 10 Year Anniversary Tour" alongside none other than extreme metallers Keep Of Kalessin and the vicious northerners in Vredehammer. Join the event HERE.