"De sier nei!" is a bombshell of a track that will hit you right in the face the moment you click play - just how Man the Machetes wants it.  It's high speed, aggresive and melodic, spiced with a lovely dose of chaos. And it's groovy! - Man The Machetes

Man the Machetes will release their first singel from their upcoming album on monday!

It's been more than two years since their debut album "Idiokrati", and their long awaited sophmore album is finally set to be released this August. The album is part of the cooperative triple release "Hardfall" presenting brutal, cold,  agressive  and northern hard core. Man the Machetes have definetly turned it up a notch since last time, and are harder than ever.  

The new single "De Sier Nei" will be available online from monday, but the track will be premiered on these channels already today!

Fuze Magazine (GE) -

Metal OBS (FRA)  -

Metal Hammer Norway (NO) -

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