Peter Espevoll of Extol will be on the air with Ruben from NRK P3 on Tuesday 2nd of June! He will be discussing the tumultous and controversial history of Extol, the first Norwegian Christian Death-Metal band, as depicted in the documentary "Extol: Of Light And Shade". 

Extol came into existence in the early 90's. A time when the Norwegian Metal scene was dominated by black metal, church burnings and satanic imagery, so one can imagine the response when three lads from Oslo decided to start a Christian Death-Metal band. And a good one at that! 

Reviews on the documentary:
10 of 10 Time-For-Metal | 10 of 10 Markus' Heavy Blog | 8.4 of 10 

The inspiring true story of Extol is now available to the public. Click HERE for more info!