Ribozyme are launching a release concert for their brand new and already critically acclaimed new album this first coming Saturday (May 23) at Revolver in Oslo. 

The amazing new album features a less studio-based approach than the previous album, and yet "Grinding Tune" is, if anything, an even more impressing and greater musical accomplishment  than "Presenting the Problem".

"Grinding Tune" hit the audience with the same fierce and raw power as "Presenting the Problem" and great reviews keep rolling in:

 "We can conclude by stating that this is a fantastic album from your very first listen, and that it will grow on you and only get better from that moment on"  6/6

"What, seriously can one not manipulate the dice into rolling a seven!" 6/6 Scream Magazine 

"Unstoppable!" 4,5/5 & album of the month, Metal Obs' Magzine