The hard-rockers of Dunderbeist are ready to unleash the lyric video of the first single “Skaubror” following the release of their newest album “Hyklere”! The video was shot in the thick and beautiful forests of inner Norway – the home of Dunderbeist. If you are a fan of forward-thinking, dangerously catchy and surprisingly heavy hard-rock in combination with beautiful woodland imagery, this will hit your solar plexus with the power of a thousand suns!

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Headbanger (Norway): (Germany/Austria/Switzerland): 
Zero Tolerance (UK):
Reviews of “Hyklere”:
9 of 10 –
9 of 10 – Ave Noctum
80 of 100 –
5,5 of 6 – Norway Rock Magazine
85 of 100 – 

To listen to the album click HERE!