Jack Dalton has finally set a date for their new album "Past Swallows Love"! The new album with these Oslo based hard rockers will hit the stores June 8 2015, and this will definitely  be an album that will blast you through the summer!

Jack Dalton - Past Swallows Love album front cover 350x350.jpg

Jack Dalton implements elements of post-rock and metal, and always strive to create a unique sound. And with their Trondheim origins it's evident that Jack Dalton have their musical roots firmly in the footsteps of classic hardcore bands like JR Ewing and Refused, still they very much succeed in giving life to their own new genre.

The first single from the album "8 Times X Equals This" was released autumn 2014 and the record have already received attention in media. "8 Times X Equals This" is out on all digital services: Spotiyf | WiMP | Deezer | Google Play | FLAC


Adressavisen (NOR newspaper) about the coming album: 

"First track "Inherit Repetition" is for me already a near perfect masterpiece, where it 
alternates between industrial machine drums, hardcore elements and evocative postrock 
breaks. Another clear highlight is the end song "Unpreventable Patterns," where the band 
enters a more expansive post-­metal landscape, an expression that suits them extremely