The hard-hitting Norwegian  quintet Dunderbeist release their new single; "Slagord" (Eng.: Slogan)! It is available on all digital services: Spotify | WiMP | iTunes | Deezer | Google Play | FLAC

This is the second single to be aired from their upcoming album "Hyklere" set to be released on Indie Recordings March 2. 2015. Pre-order your copy HERE
It has been two years of silence and Dunderbeist are treating us with yet another song from their upcoming album.  
With the new album "Hyklere" we find Dunderbeist retunrng to lyrics set in their native tongue, the result is an album which portraits the band from a far darker and more honest side than that of their previous releases.
Front man and songwriter Torgrim Torve states: "In regards to the lyrics of "Slagord" it relates to a point where everyone in a long lasting relationship have been sometime or other. The idea of "the grass being greener on the other side", that ending something that feels shaky is the only right option.. It is about how you sometimes want to take the easy way out and leave without saying anything because you lack the right words to say it, and because you want to avoid the unpleasant confrontation of setting words to your thoughts. There is a lot of power in words. "Slagord" is about finding the right way to say it, to say it in a way that explains things for both you and you partner. Because communication is key in all human relationships, and it has the ability to turn something with a negative preposition around..."
Listen to the new single "Slagord", and catch the band i concert at these dates

feb.28   Gregers               Hamar, Norway
mar.07  By:Larm 2015 (Rockefeller)         Oslo, Norway
mar.06  Studentersamfundet Trondheim, Norway
apr.03   Garage Bergen, Norway
apr.04   Karmøygeddon Kick Off (1866) Kopervik, Norway
apr.09   Union Scenew/ Seigmen             Drammen, Norway
apr.10   Sentrum Scenew/ Seigmen       Oslo, Norway
apr.11   Sentrum Scenew/ Seigmen       Oslo, Norway
apr.18   Byscenenw/ Seigmen                 Trondheim, Norway
apr.19   Byscenenw/ Seigmen   Trondheim, Norway
apr.25   RIP         Porsgrunn, Norway
jun.18   Tons Of Rock 2015          Halden, Norway