Christmas time is once again here and as tradition have it we look back at the past year. Christmas Carnage 2015 feature tracks by artists like Kampfar, Vreid, Solefald, Keep Of Kalessin and Seigmen to name a few.

Enjoy this label compilation and walk with us track by track through these dark Christmas times, with the spirit of metal as our guide! Thank you all for a wonderful 2015, stay tuned for more high quality bands and releases from Indie Recordings in 2015.

This hard-hitting compilation contains:

- Vreid - A cold and riveting single from the black metal veterans. 
- Kampfar - 'DAIMON', the second single of their explosive album 'PROFAN'. 
- Seigmen - The comeback of the iconic rockers. 
- Keep Of Kalessin's extreme metal epos 'DARK DIVINITY' of their acclaimed album 'EPISTEMOLOGY'. 
- Solefald - A snippet of the avant-garde masterpiece album 'WORLD METAL', the song 'KOSMOPOLIS SUD'. 
- Riwen, Jack Dalton and Man The Machetes - Raunchy hardcore tracks from a mighty trefoil.
- Images Of Twilight - A song from their massive symphonic black metal album debut. 


Horns up, and a metal new year from the Indie Recordings team!