Extol reveals some of their most intense years in the history of their existence through the newly released DVD ‘Of Light and Shade’ - an autobiographical documentary that gives an intimate look at the humble beginnings of Extol all the way to the recording of their most recent, self-titled opus. Without a doubt, Extol’s combination of death metal and Christian notions have created extremely critical reactions on many ends of the religious spectrum, which is a big topic in their DVD. 

In addition to the more serious topics in the documentary, you’ll get inspirational insight into their musical work both in a historical context and from a feel good production-in-studio perspective by some of the most delightful people in the metal industry. 


8/10 - METAL.DE
«Here’s a band that has faced opposition from both sides of the fence and had every reason to give up, yet they’ve consistently cranked out some of the most interesting, intelligent and downright kick-ass metal music the genre has ever known. Extol are much more than just a metal band, and they’re much more than just a Christian band; they’re an institution in and of themselves, never compromising any of their artistic integrity, and built on a foundation of unshifting rock. God bless death metal, indeed.»