Over 20 years have passed since the men from Fredrikstad embarked on a journey that would change their lives and lead them down a path of black leaded sonus. Over the years this brigade has risen from dark basement gigs to worldwide acclaim. Their selftitled EP marked the beginning of a long carreer within the narrow genre that is black-metal. With another EP and seven albums under their belt it's safe to say that Kampfar is one of the true black-metal heavyweights, and thus one of the leading ambassadors of the genre.


Their seventh album titled "Profan" is out today!

"A must have!" - Legacy

"When it comes right down to it, I can think of no better standard bearers for the true spirit of Norwegian Black Metal than these four mighty warriors…"
- No Clean Singing


Profan is the result of a creative wave that really took on gigantic proportions after the release of Djevelmakt in early 2014. As with "Djevelmakt" - "Profan" was written partially in Bergen, where half the band is located, and in the band's spiritual home in Hemsedal, the writing process was yet again highly gratifying. Jonas Kjellgren of world renowned Abyss/Blacklodge Studios was also involved again, as the drums on this album have the distinction/honour of being the last recording ever to be recorded through the mixing desk that has been the catalyst for so many legendary albums since the mid 90s. Vocals were recorded in Oslo's Waterfall studio with the aid of Stamos Koliousis, while all remaining recordings were handled by the band's own Ole Hartvigsen, who also held the production reins. The mix was done by Jonas Kjellgren, seeing as he had grown to understand the band's sound as well as they themselves did, and the result is a giant of an album.


Watch the mindblowing video of the track "Daimon":