18. – 21. February, Bergen

The new Norwegian metal festival BLASTFEST is closing in! In less than a month, Bergen city will be full of metalheads from all over the world participating in this second edition of the festival, and Indie Recordings will of course be present. Over 50 bands are announced, and among them we find trve Norwegian black metallers Gehenna, metal all-star group Sarke, extreme metal legends Keep Of Kalessin, and last but not least, the mighty Satyricon as headliners!

Make sure to visit our stand at the market (more info to come), where you can find new Indie-merch and music from our heavy catalogue – including the brand new Keep Of Kalessin album that will be released only two days before the festival!

The dates for our bands are:

18.Feb 23:55 - Wednesday (Garage): Gehenna
20.Feb 15:20 - Friday (Garage): Keep Of Kalessin
21.Feb 18:35 - Saturday (Røkeriet)Sarke
21.Feb 00:10 - Saturday (Røkeriet) : Satyricon


More about our bands playing at BLASTFEST 2015:


There is no doubt that the festival headliners Satyricon are one of the greatest bands from Norway in the genre. Existing since 1991, Satyricon has eight grand album releases, a huge amount of big festival performances, sold out shows at the Norwegian Opera, a great number of praising reviews from all over the world, a Norwegian Grammy nomination and top list charting in Norway behind them. Reviews from their latest album, “Satyricon”: “Excellent return from Norwegian Black Metal's warrior underdogs.” - Kerrang! | “Satyricon remains as impressive as ever.” - Q Magazine (album of the month).

Keep Of Kalessin

One of Norway’s leading extreme metal band, Keep Of Kalessin, will be headlining Garage on the Friday, and release their most powerful album after a 5 year wait only two days before the festival! 2015 sees the 2 times Norwegian Grammy Nominee, and critically acclaimed Norwegian outfit as a trio. The undisputable power of these three musical craftsmen reflects perfectly on the band’s most diverse recording to date; Epistemology, to be released Feb 16. Prepare to be blown away with jaw dropping guitar riffs and drums of doom! The new album and what awaits you live can best be described as a musically epic battle scene!


All-star metal band Sarke contains of legendary musicians from the Norwegian metal scene. The lineup holds these well-known names: founder Thomas Bergli aka Sarke (Khold, Tulus, ex-Old Man’s Child), Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone), Steinar Gundersen (Satyricon, Spiral Architect), Anders Hunstad (El Caco, Autopulver) and Asgeir Mickelson (Spiral Architect, Borknagar). “Make it dark, epic and groovy” is the plan they set out with 7 years ago. This is clear, raw and honest metal; something their latest release “Aruagint” proves well! With solid performances from festivals like Wacken, Roadburn, Inferno and Maryland Deathfest behind them, Sarke are ready to bring their headbang-material to Bergen!


As one of the original founders of the genre, Gehenna has spread trve Norwegian Black Metal to the masses of the underground since 1993. Many of their releases are considered classics in the early Norwegian black metal scene. They have explored the boundaries of the genre but always stayed true, which is no doubt one of the main reasons for their cult-like status. In the last 10 years, Gehenna has released only one album, “Unravel” (2013), but does still stand as a relevant and important act to this day. There is no remorse, no compromise – there is only perfect hate in their music! “It’s truly a masterpiece in terms of Black Metal for sure.” – Metal Temple (9/10) on “Unravel”.