ISKALD returnS to the battlefield with more fierce and power than ever before! It’s time to harvest all your crops and embark towards the oncoming storm which unfolds with ‘Innhøstinga’

ISKALD - 'INNHØSTINGA' released on AUGUST 31, 2018



There have been some rumors about something new and wicked brewing along the shores of the north. And right as winter struck in late 2017, Iskald concluded their long-awaited sequel to their 2014 release ‘Nedom Og Nord’. It’s been almost four years since they drew you into a realm of cold, atmospheric and highly acclaimed black metal with their fourth release on Indie Recordings. Their latest album “Innhøstinga” saw the light in fall 2018! Here are some of the great reviews on the album:

“Iskald conveythe emotions you wouldexactly want to experience through black metal.” 9,5/10, Kaaoszine, FI

“Iskald launched an album that restructures the traditional base of black metal which their country has been a pioneer of.” 9/10, RTMB Music, MEX

“A strong album!” 5/6,Scream Mag, NO

“Iskald gives us an excellent album, cold and inspired by the great tradition of Norwegian Black Metal.” 4,5/5, United Rock Nations, FR

“...extremely powerful, threatening and brutal tracks...With “Innhøstinga”, Iskald is taking a new step forward and they are now certainly joining the absolute top in the (sub)genre.” 85/100, Musika, BE

“"Innhøstinga" is a varied, class-album that takes the listener on a journey to cold Norway!” 8,5/10, Powermetal, DE

“Imagine a cross-breed between Old Man’s Child, Immortal (At The Heart Of winter-era) and a slight Sognametal touch.” 84/100, Lords Of Metal, NL

“Iskald let a bit of cold creep into your veins.” 8/10,

“great sounding, epic melodic black metal band, and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this album.” 8/10, Occult Black Metalzine

“An intense atmosphere, combined with a sultry subcutaneous threat, yields an album that stays in your mind for a long time.” 8/10, Counter Culture, NL

“’Innhøstinga’is a dark and brooding record that is consistent and confident all the way through and it will serve as a good soundtrack to autumn and winter this year.” Eternal Terror, NO

“Top notch production, musicianship and songwriting.” 8/10, Ave Noctum

“Iskald’s most complex album up to date!” 8/10, Metal View, GR

“Intensity and atmosphere measured with intelligence give life to an absolutely incredible black metal record!” 8/10, MetalHead, IT

“...what I like about this album, besides a sound quality, is this propensity to go to various horizons while remaining consistent in the global.” 15,5/20, Aux Portes du Metal, FR

“Iskald once again makes the band name a program and justifies the long wait with a thick, complex and yet unlikely album.” 8/10, Demonic Nights, AT

“It’s complex, it’s melodic, it’s atmospheric and it’s harsh. Good stuff.” 8/10, Markus Heavy Music Blog, DE

“A varied album that covers many of the sound attributes of the various subgenres of black metal...” 8/10,

“...the overall impression of Innostinga is consistently positive, even after several runs.” 8,2/10, Time for Metal, DE

“With "Innhøstinga" ISKALD has made a big step in the right direction since their last album. The songs are more exciting, the production is phenomenal.” 8/10,, DE

“A recommended listening!” Metallus, IT

“... an interesting, demanding album, which was provided with a good sound and an interesting artwork.” Obliveon, DE

Now they finally return to the battlefield with more fierce and power than ever before. It’s time to harvest all your crops and embark towards the oncoming storm which unfolds with ‘Innhøstinga’. Iskald continues their art of cold, intense, yet melodic black metal. At the same time, their complexity and genius in the songwriting shine on even more that before.

A new producer was brought along to make the album sound the way they intended. ‘Innhøstinga’ (Norwegian: ‘the Harvest’) might be their most complex album to date, containing nine songs divided into 50 minutes of playtime. The songs are diverse and different in their own way, while the lyrics bind them together as a whole. 

This is their second album with a Norwegian title, in which half of the lyrics are sung on their mother-tongue. ‘Lysene som Forsvant’ might just be their most melancholy epos to date, telling the story about those they have lost on their way.

Band members:
Simon Larsen - Guitars/Bass/Vocals
Aage Krekling - Drums
Ben Hansen - (Live) Guitars
Isak Larsen - (Live) Bass