new album "currents" out NOW!


"One of the best releases of 2018 already!" - (UK), 10/10

“ early contender for “Album of the Year."” - Metal Temple (UK), 10/10

"Another masterpiece of these guys! Goosebumps!" - Metal Only (GER), 10/10

"A perfect lesson in extreme progressive Metal!" - (GER), 10/10

"You can only admire their music!" - Rozsdagyar (HU), 10/10

"For those who are looking for a new challenge, In Vain are more than worthy!" - Evil Rocks Hard (GER), 10/10

“In Vain proves once again that they are masters of their art...” - Cultur Addict (FR), 5/5

Incredible record.” 100/100, El Gocho, ES


“Album of the Month”  - PD’s Prog Blog
"Highly recommended for lovers of extreme Metal in its progressive and experimental form!"Necromance (E), 9,5/10 
“...this music pulsates in the field of tension between progressive drive, jazzy playfulness, touching vocals and metallic hardness. This work can be addictive!”Nocturnal Hall, 9/10
“In Vain have proved that, alongside Persefone and Be'lakor, they are currently among the most exciting (progressive) melodeath formations." (GER)
"These Norwegians hold their high level! Enthralling riffs, catchy melodies!" Legacy (GER), 14/15
"In Vain have matured!"Earshot (A), 6,5/7
"With an open mind, 'Currents' will send you far into the corners of your metallic consciousness."Devilution (DK), 4/5
"Between all these uniform releases we can be thankful for bands like In Vain!"Metalfactory (CH), 9,2/10
"A great example of how you revitalize a genre that’s been dead for the better part of a decade."Lords Of Metal (NL), 91/100
"A priceless jewel!"Rock Hard (I), 9/10
“ early contender for album of the year.” - PureGrainAudio, UK, 9/10
"One of the first big masterpieces of this year!"Demonic Nights (A), 9/10
"Outstanding!" (GER), 9/10
"Mandatory stuff for every fan of heavier music!" Musika (B), 90/100
"'Currents' is a largely complete show of a band that certainly has ambitions with its music and capacity to realize it." (SWE), 9/10
“Huge recommendation.” - SteemIt, 90/100
"In Vain continue their own special journey!" Rock Tribune (B), 8,5/10
"Et av norges beste band er tilbake."8/10, Metal-Norge
"Bandet bør være godt kjent, og stiller nok en gang med et sterkt produkt."8/10,
"A record not to be missed."8/10,
"'Currents' er helt klart nok et sterkt stykke arbeid fra In Vains, med god variasjon, mye harmoni i vokaldelene, og gitarsoloer det står respekt av."4/5, Permafrost Today, NO
"In Vain handle different styles with a foolproof consistency!" Aux Portes Du Metal (F), 16/20
"There’s a brilliant artistic future for these Norwegians if they'll continue like this. Impressive!"Rockway (GR)
"Impressive!"Thrashocore (F)
"Beautiful and exciting - this album offers moments of great modern music!" Iyezine (I), 8,5/10
"The first highlight of this year!"XXL Rock (GER), 6/7
"An eclectic mix of styles and subgenres, a highly accomplished and very enjoyable listen!" Wonderbox Metal (UK)
"This complex album is definitely worth your time!" Rock Hard (GER), 8/10
“...another fabulous release by a truly unique band.”Metal Revolution (DK), 4/5
"'Currents' combines aggression, melancholy, beautiful guitar lines and innovative song structures." Musikatlas (A)
“...a very good album.” - No Clean Singing, USA

More than 10 years after their grand debut, In Vain returns with their fourth album Currents, on January 26th 2018.

The pioneers of progressive extreme metal return with a consummate and complete offering. Without question, Currents is the definite pinnacle of In Vain’s career so far. Unique, innovative and catchy compositions with longevity that merge elements from many different genres, whilst still maintaining a carefully balanced dynamic. In Vain retains a principal focus on solid songwriting with cleverness and an original edge. Add to that a stellar, organic production tweaked to perfection by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios.

The album title, Currents, reflects on the colossal shifts and changes of our time. The present world is characterized by continental flows of people, traditions, and cultures. Migration of people across continents and borders. Cultures merging. Dramatic shifts in lifestyle from one generation to the next. These are all currents - movements that distort old patterns, create tensions as well as new opportunities. These enduring shifts are some of the topics that In Vain addresses on Currents through a series of epic and monumental songs.

Currents also echoes In Vain’s musical landscape. Since its inception, the band has developed its own trademark sound through extensive exploration and seamless combination of musical genres. Currents goes to new extremes when it comes to developing this approach. The music and lyrics of the album unite to form its own creative Current; A rich synthesis underlining the very idea of cultural and musical merging, and the album concept and artistic vision has been captured brilliantly by cover designer Costin Chioreanu and his stunning artwork.

The backdrop for the album has been a rigorous artistic and spiritual expedition across the world. Songwriter Johnar Håland comments: “Since our last release we have been unknotting threads, followed traces, found disparities and drawn new parallels. In search of both lyrical and spiritual inspiration for Currents we embarked on a journey that took us across several continents. We have put the utmost of our hearts, souls and minds into Currents and we are sincerely grateful to everyone involved in this massive musical undertaking.” Singer Sindre Nedland adds: “Through all the experimentation, In Vain has always had a solid foundation in aggression and melody, and Currents sees these two extremes united in a way that feels unforced, and pretty damn authoritative at the same time. It has been a long and hard process, but the result is everything we hoped it would be: Catchy, intense and unusual.”


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