With three albums and an EP under their belt Funeral has grown to be one of the leading doom bands in Europe. 

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As the Light Does the Shadow reviews:

3/5 -"Highly recommended."

83/100 - -: "They still remain the kings of funeral doom and will probably not be dethroned for many years to come."

Having sold more than 8000 copies of their previous album "From These Wounds" on TABU Recordings its no doubt Funeral will make an impact on the metal scene this fall. Funeral is by many considered to be the founding fathers of the sub genre Funeral-Doom. They are known to push the limits, and on their next album they will once again challenge the genre by adding complex brass and string arrangements. 

Sept. 1st 2008 sees Funeral release their new album entitled "As the Light Does the Shadow". The Norwegian cult doom metal band delivers the most dark, gloomy and bombastic release to date and by incorporating the full orchestra, they will bring doom to an entire new level of darkness and despair. Ten tracks of funeral-doom the way it is meant to be: heavy, dark and crushing yet incorporating harmonies of utter sadness. Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus singer Rob Lowe are also contributing on the album. “It`s an honour to have Rob in on this album”, drummer Anders Eek states. “Candlemass is the very reason of Funerals existence, and Solitude Aeturnus is one of the first and most meaningful bands in the genre”

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