Brutal and honest in their native tongue from their local woodlands of inner NorwaY. Has A SOlid reputation as one of norway's best live acts.




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Dunderbeist have just finished recording, mixed and mastered their latest series of releases. It was initially planned as a trilogy dealing with the doubts as a theme, but the chances that they are going to doubt the process is certainly there. The releases will nevertheless bear the form of smaller constellations of songs in an EP format to give the band the opportunity to really give each expression enough time and love while adapting to the contemporary new platforms and consumer-tempo.

Dunderbeist have a desire to let a releasing cycle extend over longer periods thematically, but also have more frequent crossings and more releases. They require of themselves a further sharp refining of their own expression that after 10 years and 8 releases only speak their own dialect parallel with curiosity and willingness to still vary - it is the fundamental driving force behind the musical tour of five Hedmarkers.

The first release in the series will be released on 10 March 2017 , titled Tvilja". The five songs: Kometen kom, Vakum, Tvilja, Terpentine, and Grå gås (isvind) takes the theme of doubt in different manners – doubt as a state of mind, doubt the situation, a person or yourself. The doubt as a dichotomous model and progress, as the overall creative force equated with the deepest crippling destructive abyss.





Tvilja 2017
31. Mars: Trondheim, Good Omes -
01. April: Oslo, John Dee - EVENT
21. April: Harstad, Ludo - EVENT
22. April: Tromsø, Bastard - EVENT
28. April: Haugesund, Bakgården
05. Mai: Kristiansand, Østsia studenthus -
06. Mai: Drammen, Union Scene - EVENT
12. Mai: Halden, Feelgood
24. Juni: Brumunddal, Tømmerstock - EVENT
+ MORE DATES TO COME // Tvilja 2017

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Album credits:

Musikk av Dunderbeist
Tekster av Torgrim Torve
Produsert av Dunderbeist
Spillt inn i Grisebingen Studio, Hamar, Norge
Engineered og mixed av Fredrik Ryberg 
Mastering av Alan Douches, West West Side Music, NYC, USA
Artwork av Torgrim Torve
Sleeve artwork av Magnie Finnsdatter Nielsen
Cover photo av Stian Frøysang


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Hyklere reviews:

5,5/6 - Norway Rock Magazine

9/10 -

9/10 -

40/45 - Rock Hard Mag/Soundcheck

85/100 -

8/10 - Rock Tribune

Hyklere has taken the hard-hitting Norwegian quintet two years of blood, sweat and tears concluding the process. The result is exceptionally complex in its simplicity, still keeping their snappy hooks and tongue in cheek humor.

The wait for Dunderbeist’s 7th album release has been more than 2 years long, a waiting period pretty unusual for such a highly productive bunch. (Their previous release was in 2012, but then they released two albums during that year). This time the band has taken their time with no hurries and no random decisions, digging deep and greedy into the dark matter. The result sounds ripened and stored like the best of brews, and the fact that they let German producer Vincent Sorg (Kreator, Die Toten Hosen, Oslo Ess ++) have his way with mixing and mastering the tracks might have made this brew into something quite extraordinary.

Like on their self-titled 2011 album, “Hyklere” has lyrics in Dunderbeist’s native tongue, with its raw and brutally honest touch from their local Hedmark woodlands, a sound defining the band’s origins and true nature. Back then, the lyrics were spun around local myths of small town hatred and axe murder. This time the words have taken a more personal turn, into the darker aspects of life.

Dunderbeist is: Torgrim Torve – Vocals | Fredrik Ryberg – Guitar, vocals | John Birkeland Hansen – Drums | Stein Kristian Liljan – Bass Ronny Flissundet – Guitar, vocal.

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