dunderbeist is solid rock with lyrics in their native tongue from the deep and dark woodlands of inner NorwaY. Has A SOlid reputation as one of norway's best live acts.

the new ep "tVILJA" is out now!

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Reviews on "Tvilja":

"Norway triumphs at the beginning of this triptych." - 9/10 White Room Reviews, NL

"A very emotive journey into the realms of our own soul." - 8/10 Lettere Dall Underground, IT

""Tvilja" opens with vigor the triptych of DUNDERBEIST, proving once again that the Norwegians know how to make an emotional journey full of quality Rock!" - 9/10 Tasunka, FR

"...heavy heart...but light, transparent sound. This combination makes "Tvilja" extremely pleasant to listen and look forward to the next releases withing the promised series." - 78/100 Ragherrie, NL



"Everything orbits. Clusters of recurrent moments that would be perceived as something new, yet only carrying tiny variations. Something is added, and something is removed. Repetition is inevitable – seemingly endless.
But do we actually learn anything new? For every new challenge and revisit, the human method suggests that we should improve, regardless of all doubt. Doubt about if what you did last time can be repeated or MUST be varied. Can it be improved? Should it be improved? Doubt and lack of confidence. Doubt that prevents you from beginning, that keeps you from exposing yourself to any doubt. But also doubt as the starting point of all variation. Doubt that what gets you to move out of repetition. Subject to questioning your own situation. Is it good enough?
And trust in your own choices, whether it is the choice to go beyond the usual or to continue for a second round, believeing you can bring something new and useful.
To both allow doubt to throw out new lines and simultaneously be able to add something untried in the repetition. Hanging in the comet's tail and forcing it into new paths by asking the slightly painful and personal questions and doubting in yourself, then taking the impulsive choice to prove its own ambitious determined suitability." - Dunderbeist


"Tvilja" is the first EP in a trilogy. The five songs: Kometen kom, Vakuum, Tvilja, Terpentine, and Grå gås (isvind) takes the theme of doubt in different manners – doubt as a state of mind, doubt the situation, a person or yourself. The doubt as a dichotomous model and progress, as the overall creative force equated with the deepest crippling destructive abyss.



10. March - X Games Norway - EVENT
31. March: Trondheim (NO), Good Omes - EVENT
01. April: Oslo (NO), John Dee - EVENT
21. April: Harstad (NO), Ludo - EVENT
22. April: Tromsø (NO), Bastard - EVENT
28. April: Haugesund (NO), Bakgården
05. May: Kristiansand
(NO), Østsia studenthus - EVENT
06. May: Drammen (NO), Union Scene - EVENT
12. May: Halden (NO), Feelgood
24. June: Brumunddal (NO), Tømmerstock - EVENT
+ MORE DATES TO COME // Tvilja 2017


Hyklere reviews:

5,5/6 - Norway Rock Magazine | 9/10 - | 9/10 - | 40/45 - Rock Hard Mag/Soundcheck

85/100 - | 8/10 - Rock Tribune

Hyklere has taken the hard-hitting Norwegian quintet two years of blood, sweat and tears concluding the process. The result is exceptionally complex in its simplicity, still keeping their snappy hooks and tongue in cheek humor.

The wait for Dunderbeist’s 7th album release has been more than 2 years long, a waiting period pretty unusual for such a highly productive bunch. (Their previous release was in 2012, but then they released two albums during that year). This time the band has taken their time with no hurries and no random decisions, digging deep and greedy into the dark matter. The result sounds ripened and stored like the best of brews, and the fact that they let German producer Vincent Sorg (Kreator, Die Toten Hosen, Oslo Ess ++) have his way with mixing and mastering the tracks might have made this brew into something quite extraordinary.

Like on their self-titled 2011 album, “Hyklere” has lyrics in Dunderbeist’s native tongue, with its raw and brutally honest touch from their local Hedmark woodlands, a sound defining the band’s origins and true nature. Back then, the lyrics were spun around local myths of small town hatred and axe murder. This time the words have taken a more personal turn, into the darker aspects of life.


Dunderbeist is: Torgrim Torve – Vocals | Fredrik Ryberg – Guitar, vocals | John Birkeland Hansen – Drums | Stein Kristian Liljan – Bass Ronny Flissundet – Guitar, vocals


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