"Absolutely brilliant!" - Hissig 100/100 

"One of the best Norwegian albums this year" - Evig Lyttar 5/6 

"With their debut Dreamarcher delivered a brilliant start, you just want to here more and more of Dreamarcher"  - Time For Metal 9/10 

"Dreamarcher holds the talent to become a well-known name in the genre..." -  Lords of Metal 72/100 

"Young and promissing."  - Metallus 7,5/10


Dreamarcher comes from the west coast of Norway and skillfully balances the abrasive with beauty and sensitivity. Their music reflects having grown up in a small town littered with decaying factories between the majesty of glacier covered mountains rising out of the Hardanger fjord. From dark and melodic group vocals to hardcore screams, head splitting guitar riffs to ambient melancholic, blasting to spaced out instrumentals Dreamarcher blends the boundaries of genre. Influences range from Deafhaven, Converge, Mastodon and The Mars Volta to A Place To Bury Strangers, Baroness and Sunn O))).




Dreamarcher started out two years before their release with the idea of a band made up of technical musicians creating music with passion and meaning beyond just riffs and blast beats. Most of the band are educated in jazz and have been session musicians in other genres, they are now hitting the metal scene in a new and exciting way. During the past two years, the band wrote songs, and developed their sound in total silence through an intensive preproduction and recording period with producer Ashley Stubbert concluding fall of 2015 their self-titled debut album; Dreamarcher. Also in their process they worked with Kristoffer Lo known for his tuba-doom metal and soundscaping from bands like Sunswitch and Yodok. Such soundscaping can be heard on the song «Impending Doom».


“While we were studying jazz and played other genres we always felt something pulling us back to loud amplifiers, raging drums and scream vocals. Before we started thinking about Dreamarcher we went on the road with a rock band for some years to experiment and flush through early ideas. During a show in Stavanger, we were sweating, bleeding and literally tearing down our backline. Afterwards producer Ashley Stubbert contacted us and told us he wanted to work with us. We wanted a producer that was engaged and interested in the band and the music beyond the album itself. It was a very fun and inspiringly creative process where all ideas were on the table, everything was possible and Ashley did a great job in refining our sound”, says Kim Christer.

“I have to say Dreamarcher was a labor of love. Their starting point was ferocious and a great combination of different styles and musical ideas. We went back and forth until I met them in Trondheim to work on them further. The vocal formed from the idea of the collective voice so we embraced more of a group vocal setting than a lead singer which, made for a dreamier element in the context of the heavy riffs. It was a lot of fun making that record.” - Ashley Stubbert

The album reflects certain emotional contrasts that some of the members were going through personally. So it’s a rollercoaster of feelings and textures ranging from anger, joy, fear and loneliness. As a backdrop Dreamarcher chose images that reminded us of how scary the world can be to a child. Innocence and vulnerability. The album is about contrast and you can hear it in the way of clear melodic vocals followed by harsh screaming, pounding guitars combined with delicate parts, quiet verses loud.