"Purified In Blood showed the way, Kvelertak took it even further ... Last band out there that really captivates Pyros ears are Deathbed Reunion from Sandnes. Another dangerously good band from Rogaland.” -p3 pyro

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Obviously Late reviews:

4/5 - Ailhadometal

8/10 - Metal Hammer Norway: " With the superb and shiny new release, “Obviously Late EP”, Deathbed Reunion has once again marked their name as one of the best hardcore-bands in Norway. That’s probably because they manage to mix their desperate aggression with catchy tunes you’d normally have to look overseas to find.” 

8/10 - “As they say in technical terms, Deathbed Reunion has crossover potential. It’s accessible enough that a large amount of people will appreciate the music, not just hardcore punk bastards.” 

With four very different musical backgrounds, the boys in Deathbed Reunion stitched together a hybrid and put themselves in a landscape somewhere just east of the American singalong punk, a stone's throw south of the UK hardcore scene and three nautical miles north of the naked, Norwegian screamo.

The band came together in the summer of 2010 to play music, and suddenly a fresh and honest sound was in the making. This led to the self-released (and self-titled) EP being dropped online as soon as the following winter melted away. After great recommendations by NRK Urørt (the national radioshow for new and talented artists), an independent EP release, a music video, multiple P3 Pyro (the national radioshow for rock and metal) articles / radioplays, and great reviews on blogs and websites, Deathbed Reunion had already made a name for themselves. In November 2011, P3 Pyro played the band once again and elected them one of the most promising Norwegian bands to emerge in 2011. 

In February 2012 the band got in touch with the mighty men at Outhouse Studios (Architects, Lower Than Atlantis, You me at Six etc.) in England. They packed the gig bags and left for Reading and stayed there recording their next release, drinking British beer, and getting to know British artists and their way of rock 'n' rolling.

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