CULT OF LUNA has been praised for their live performances for a long time. their spectacular shows have finally been recorded for the release of a 2h dvd + live audio cd's and lp's.

"years in a day" out on april 21!

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about "YEARS IN A DAY"

"A shattering visual feast of iconoclastic proportions, ‘Years in a Day’ couldn‘t be further from your mediocre live DVD. It is mind-bending and apparent proof that Swedish Post Metal titans Cult Of Luna really are as good as they say. Especially when unleashed upon a stage.“  - METAL HAMMER GERMANY
"CULT OF LUNA takes us on a trip through time, and enchants us with ethereal sounds, brooding atmosphere and an emotional interplay of light and shade…it’s a must-see!” - FUZE MAG
“A brutal hypnosis of light and sound. Cult Of Luna unleash a thrilling trip into the subconscious.” - VISIONS
”Cult Of Luna’s ability to completely hypnotize you from the stage, entrance, teleport one elsewhere, is hard to beat.” - CLOSE UP MAG

“This is alive- anti structure genius performance hits the a high bar - my feeling is that they're built to inspire the world to go deeper into the dynamics of creativity. Live DVD smokes!”   Ross Robinson (Producer)

"A remarkable statement of outsider-doom that will leave fans of Neurosis, Radiohead, Univers Zéro and The Cure perilously short of breath. Years in a Day is a study in chic post-metal whose lesson is not in how such an exercise is properly done, but that only Cult of Luna could execute with such devastating grace."   Albert Mudrian, Decibel

“A trippy, tactile, stage show -- filmed with the precision of a David Fincher thriller -- Years in a Day is a psychedelic document of one of progressive metal's most unique bands.” – Max Frank, Gear Gods

“A few years ago, we took the decision to keep touring to a minimum. The sole reason was to prevent us from burning out, to keep the flame and the passion burning. But the experiences on the road that we've shared for almost 20 years has been life changing for all of us. It has bounded us together like brothers and we have been given the privilege to interact with incredible people all around the globe. So, we thought it was time to release a special object related to the live aspect of Cult of Luna and how we have progressed since the release of “Fire was born” eight years ago.

'YEARS IN A DAY' is more than just a simple DVD. It’s a bundle including a 2-hour DVD captured in Paris last year at La Gaîté Lyrique. 2 live CDs from Roadburn Festival 2013 and 2016. The hi-res digital audio from Paris... and more... Combined in a collector 10inch vinyl digipack only on sale on and strictly limited to 7000 copies.

Releasing DVDs and live documents is always a tough thing at all aspects, but that was the right time to do it for the people that are not able to see this band live often and everywhere, and so to end an era. The pictures that form the foundation for the art work and promotion are taken by Maria Louceiro. Her work is beyond words, please check it out. Art direction, as usual is handled by Erik Olofsson.”  – Cult Of Luna