“Azusa... calculate a bountiful mix of mind bending progginess, with everything from moody rock to ominous hardcore, while maintaining a level of catchy hooks that make it impossible to look away. In short, it rules, it's new, and you ought to jump on board!” - Metal Injection


Members of Extol, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Sea + Air joined their creative forces and will sonically shock you with one of most experimental and mesmerizing releases of 2018! Here are some of the great reviews on the album:

“Azusa’s ‘Heart of Stone’... is a mix of raw electric energy and delicate clean vocals, spun together intricately without sacrificing heft even during the more dulcet interludes.” Revolver Magazine, US

“The sound of this new project may shock you if you're expecting it to sounds like any of the bands mentioned above as it will definitely be one of the most experimental and unexpected releases of the year.”
Pure Grain Audio, UK

“The 11-song recording... promises to be one of the year’s most shocking, experimental offerings.”
Riff Relevant, US

“The combination of The Dillinger Escape Plan + Extol + Sea and Air means that quality is guaranteed. It goes without saying that it is technical, complex, and heavy... it is a newcomer masterpiece for all Extreme Music Fans.”
Heavy Metal, JP

““Interstellar Islands” is the name of said song, and I couldn’t be more excited to present it to you. The first few seconds play out like a John Frum track, with heavy technical guitars firing dissonances and bittersweet harmonies all over the place while the drum could fit right into a tech-death track. This only lasts about ten seconds, before we shift into a clean, almost indie-esque atmosphere and the wonderful, mellow vocals of Eleni Zafiriadou set in. Even when Azusa shift over into more light territory, there is always an underlying sense of shifting rhythms and chaos about their music. Soon enough we find ourselves in midst of the madness again, blast beats, galloping rhythms, and sharp licks rushing into our ears. The only difference here is that Zafiriadou’s harsh vocals kick in, giving the track a massive boost of aggression. From those harsh vocals, we see her go into what can be described as a half-sung monologue.”
Everything is Noise, DE/UK

Azusa’s debut album titled "Heavy Yoke" was released on November 16 via Indie Recordings. A carnival of contrast, Azusa make captivating music with unconventional nerve. Uniting the complementary skills of its members, Azusa’s sound is a thrash-fusion tour de force. Can you imagine Kate Bush fronting Slayer; Death collaborating with Annette Peacock? These allegedly incongruent influences dissolve seamlessly in an alluring sonic alchemy.

Uncompromisingly experimental, Azusa’s curated approach showcases each member's unique strengths as a reaction to previous endeavors, more so than an extension of them.

Reflecting on life’s existential mysteries, Azusa’s lyrics seek to explore cognitive dissonances at the crossroads of upbringing, mysticism, belief and betrayal. Defying expectations by embracing contradiction, Azusa finds strength in vulnerability, harmony in dissonance and melody in discord.


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