ATENA, the band of sheer energy, uniqueness and passion’ will drop their third album “Possesed” October 27th! 

this is the album to look out for as it is anticipated to evolve the norwegian metalscene in a new direction!

Atena - "possessed" COMING october 27th!

Photo by Fabian Framdal Fjeldvik

Photo by Fabian Framdal Fjeldvik

The album is written as a conceptual story and portrays a wide array of moods, emotions and experiences throughout its 35 minute runtime. Rooted in percieved experiences of anxiety and depression, the story of Possessed is ocasionally balanced out by moments of peace and optimism. These different moods are reflected in the albums sound, where Atena has continued to develop from 2015's Shades, providing heavier riffs and new sounds as well as catchier choruses with intimate performances.

These boys are young, hungry and ready to take heavy music one step further with their upcoming album! 


Two albums in, Atena has already toured large parts of Europe as well as their native country and is one of the most interesting heavy bands right now to come out of Norway!

1. Possessed
2. Confessional
3. Argument
4. Death Eating
5. Church Burning
6. Done With The Darkness
7. Birth
8. Lock Shut
9. Oil Rigs
10. Cheater
11. Heartless

About ATENAS' previous album "Shades Of Black Won't Bring Her Back":

“...impressed by the sheer energy, uniqueness and passion...”9/10 SoundScape Magazine
"... visible concept, that seems to be dark, heavy and depressing..." - 8/10 ITDjents
"You have to hear this record!" - 8/10



Jakob Skogli - Vocals
Simen Kjeksrud - Vocals
Vebjørn Iversen - Guitar
Ulrik Linstad - Bass
Fredrik Kåsin - Drums

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