With already three critically acclaimed albums behind THEM, Rome-based ADIMIRON has IN A SHORT TIME become one of the most promising acts in the European PROG metal scene!


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Reviews on "Et Liber Eris": 

"Adimiron are wracked with fist-clenching aggression but they’ve developed their brutal sound into a more cerebral and artistic ethic and the result rides the crest of prog’s newest wave." 4/5, Metal Hammer UK

"'Et Liber Eris' is another step in Adimiron’s mission to solidify themselves as one of the best examples of what modern, progressive death metal can achieve today."  Heavy Blog Is Heavy, USA

"Seeing them live must be a massive experience. Just standing there in front of the band with your eyes closed and letting them transport you away to alternate universes. If not a master piece then not too far from it."  5/5, Battle Helm, UK

“This is really an outstanding album from start to finish.” 8,5/10, Metal Temple, UK

"The new album of Adimiron will offer a lot of subtlety and magical moments for fans of modern progressive." 8,5/10, Roszdagyar, HU

"'Et Liber Eris' is a long-lasting record and can also grow with listening, destined to give different shades in the coming years." 8/10, Metallized, IT

“The connection between the Prog-madness, modern undercooled harshness and subtly inspiring melodies is a feast for genre aficionados!” 8/10, Heavy-metal, DE

"Well done!" 8/10, METAL ITALIA

"An elegant attack, a gentle blow and a brutal stroke." 85/100, Loud & Proud, IT

"An emotional rollecoaster between heavyness and melody, anguish and disperation: 'Et Liber Eris' is the new masterwork from the Italian progressive/thrash masters. For fans of Gojira and Between The Buried And Me".  Dario Cattaneo, METAL HAMMER, IT

"...without any doubt we are in front of the best Adimiron effort, a really mature, eclectic and extreme album in a progressive vision of the entire complex..."  Gianluca Grazioli, Metal.It

With the addition of the new talented singer Sami El Kadi and the definitive confirmation of Cecilia Nappo, already working as session member, the band returns to the scenes with its most ambitious and inspired album so far. Adimiron already toured Europe, U.S., Russia many times supporting Meshuggah, Textures, The Ocean, Swallow the Sun and many more for dozens shows.

The band’s founder and composer Alessandro Castelli about the new album: "Our sound evolved in unexpected directions that brought to this new album: the most varied and inspired among Adimiron's works so far. We just can't wait to start working with the team at Indie to bring "Et Liber Eris" around the world, really looking forward to share this new album with you all!"

Sami El Kadi, vocals | Alessandro Castelli, guitar | Cecilia Nappo, bass | Federico Maragoni, drums

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